Applications for warehouse processes automation

Picking Cart System

The system automates the picking operations in a warehouse. More than 50 "intelligent" carts handled by human operators are used in the warehouse for collecting the items for each order received from customers or distributors.

Each cart is equiped with a TabletPC device with Barcode readers connected through wireless LAN to a server application (called BridgeServer).

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Warehouse Stock-take System

An application used for periodical checking of existing stock in warehouses.

The current implementation of this system at Triumph International (Japan) uses currently Pocket PC's with Windows CE terminals.

The devices have embedded BarCode reader , and use wireless LAN to communicate with the server

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Web applications

Loyalty Points and CRM application

Web based application for managing customer's loyalty points , as well as customer claims. The application is fully integrated with the web site and the e-comerce system of the company.

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"International Student Taxes"

Online tax return preparation system designed exclusively for international students in U.S.

INTERCODE developed for International Student Taxes the software technology that lies behind this web business. Highly secured as well as easy to use the site proved to be a success after only few months "in the air".

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