Picking Cart System

The system automates the picking operations in a warehouse. More than 50 "intelligent" carts handled by human operators are used in the warehouse for collecting the items for each order received from customers or distributors. Each cart is equiped with a TabletPC device with Barcode readers connected through wireless LAN to a server application (called BridgeServer). The software on the cart terminals offers real time information to the human operator:

The BridgeServer application manages all the carts in the field and provides also the interface with the general ERP system of the company.

Both software applications, the client running on the carts and the Bridge Server, were developed by Intercode and proved their efficiency and reliability in production, being used with success for more that one year so far.

Customer: Triumph International Co, Japan branch. - Daito warehouse (Triumph International is the worldwide known German lingerie maker).

Triumph International Japan plans to extend the number of carts used, and also required a new version of the software with new features.

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